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The kitchen is often at the centre of daily life. No matter what style of property you own, it’s the room where family comes together, friends gather and increasingly a space for wellbeing and reflection.

The kitchen is an ever-changing environment, gone are the days where they were merely utilitarian areas to prep and cook meals. We recognise the kitchen needs to be designed for modern living; it has to serve multiple functions, each area with a clear purpose and be uniquely created to suit your individual lifestyle needs. We’ve shared our essential tips on what to prepare in advance when undertaking a kitchen renovation, and points to consider when sitting down with a designer to plan your dream space. 

The Design Stage – Where to Start 

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to a Johnston Kitchen. From the very beginning our designers will work closely with you to understand your needs and lifestyle. This is imperative to a successful design that is not only functional but beautiful too. Each stage of the process is expertly managed by our designers, from your initial appointment to the final adjustments until you are completely satisfied that we have achieved your vision.

Preparation Is Key – What to Bring with You to a Design Meeting

A new kitchen is one of the most exciting and yet time-consuming projects you can undertake, therefore preparation is key to a successful initial design meeting. So, to help you start on the right foot, we have compiled a list of essential points to consider, prepare and bring with you.

  • Any architect plans and/or room plans with dimensions. In the case of a new build or extension, there may be no other option, but by being involved early in the planning stage allows us to make suggestions to create the perfect layout. Ideally, it is good to know the location of services, electricity and water/waste at an early stage of any new build as they need to be positioned accurately, especially if an island is to form the focal point of the kitchen.

  • Images of the room as it stands. The more information the designer has at the initial meeting, the better we are able to understand the project and advise accordingly.

  • Any mood boards you have created to support your ideas for the kitchen. I.e. Pinterest boards, Houzz profiles, magazine cuttings, images from our website.

  • All parties involved need to make sure they have approximately 2 hours available for initial brief meetings. These meetings with our designers are one of the most important in the process. They are where your wish lists are discussed, and ideas are turned into reality. 

  • An open mind. This ensures we are able to create a beautiful, brand new space, which not only reflects your home but lifestyle too. 

  • A rough budget will help you to make informed decisions and prioritise certain aspects of the design from day one. 

Writing Your Wishlist 

The more information you give to your designer at the initial design meeting, the better. One tip is to take a look around your existing kitchen and note down the pros and cons of the space as it is. This will act as your base. You can then list any storage preferences such as deep pan drawers, glazed cabinets to display cherished collections or a double pantry. Maybe you’ve dreamt about an integrated family seating area or space for a large dining table. Write all of this down. 

At this stage, you can also roughly pinpoint a kitchen style, note colours and materials that have caught your eye or statement tiles you want to base your kitchen around. Our designers will do their best to include all of your personal preferences whilst adding their expert opinion and design flair.

Importance of Planning

When planning your new build, extension or full overhaul of your space, we highly recommend planning the kitchen before building work starts. This allows our designers to explore numerous layouts. Each kitchen is beautifully crafted for a millimetre perfect fit so small changes in the planning process can make all the difference. 


We will then spend time with you and together build your dream kitchen using our high definition 3D computer aided designing software to showcase all layout and colour possibilities, all which can be altered on the spot for alternative aspects. Multiple layouts can be defined so we can work closely to suit budget requirements. Colour samples can be provided in order to build a suitable mood board to suit your home. 

Precision Measurements

We then visit your home and take extensive measurements to tailor your kitchen to the exact space, whilst also testing your colour options in your home lighting to make sure they suit the space and tones are complimentary to their surroundings. 


We take our time and handmade your kitchen with the upmost attention to detail whilst our fitting team take the same approach, we don't rush or have time limits for our fitting service. Customer satisfaction is our goal so seeing our clients smiles when the job is complete is our job fulfilment. Our role doesn't finish at that we are always and the end of the phone for all our clients. 

So if you’re starting your kitchen or interior journey, then our designers are here to help bring your kitchen and furniture design ideas to life. Book your free design visit today.